We love creating Virtual Reality products, whilst the technology experienced a few “false starts” over the years. The hardware wasn’t ready for broad audiences, and it took a while for the world to understand the VR possibilities that go beyond the gaming industry.

The hardware is now potent enough to offer high-quality events without the need for high-end PC’s and cables and all within realistic budgets. Also, web-based Virtual Reality is now ready for production-standard experiences, making delivery of great VR possible to audiences wherever they are, as long as they can get online.

VR’s challenges, strengths and weaknesses have been clearly defined, and new paradigms of storytelling have reached maturity (in this corner of immersive design). These elements have all finally aligned to enable Virtual Reality to live up to the many expectations made of it.

Members of the collective have been creating innovative VR experiences as the technology has been evolving.  They have built award-winning dramas, music videos, games and interactive experiences on the platforms.  Let us do so for you.


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