Rosa Pons-Cerdà

Game Designer, Educator and Documentary Filmmaker

Rosa Pons-Cerdà is involved in research on subliminal image-messages, and in exploring the qualities of blended learning for decolonizing courses. To give back what she has learned, she brings her experience into workshops and learning methods within the frame of intersectionality. Her work craves communication and education to promote civic responsibility.

She is also the Director of documentaries for social justice and archiving people’s memories (TV3, TVE2, Via Digital, Canal+, Radiotelevisão Portuguesa); curator of DoubleClick, a European Student’s Film Festival organised without hierarchies, where students were giving workshops about their practices and experimentation (2010-2015); lecturer at Universitat de Vic, Barcelona (2005-2016), a researcher in academic innovation groups (CIFE-GI and AQUID, 2009-2013).

Her studies cover a range of disciplines: graduate in Philology (UAB, 1994), in Media (EMAV, 1995), postgraduate in Actor’s Direction (URL, 2002), master in Writing for Cinema and Television (URL, 2008), all in Barcelona; and “updated” in Design and Development of Games for Learning (Edx, 2016).