Project Brief:

For the launch of Sony Entertainment Television in Germany, the studio Comodoscreen was commissioned to create on-air graphic packages to promote the channel's flagship TV series and movies to generate positive brand recognition for Sony. The concept was to combine elements from the famous shows with the Sony branding elements in a way that was engaging and visually attractive to the audiences.

Collective member: Mike van der Noordt
Role: Designer and Animator
Client:Sony Television Entertainment
Award:2014 Laus Award – TV & Film Identity


Luzidlab Artistic Director Mike van de Noordt created idents, endboards, logomotions, other on-air elements and off-air pieces. The idea was to make the S of Sony the protagonist, tracking its movement with light, blending the transitions in a coherent and organic manner. Relying on a palette of blue and purple, the sinuous form curves around the screen, leaving space for the channel information.