Project Brief

To create a multimedia application to guide visitors around Leavesden Studios, home to the “Harry Potter” films. Provide a compelling, content-rich and engaging experience for the international audience of all ages.

Collective member: Giles Pooley
Role: Producer & Designer – UX
Agency: Antenna International
Year: 2012


– Compliment the on-site tour, providing a deeper dive into the magic used to bring films to life, without detracting from the experience of visiting the sets.
– Due to the international nature of the visitors, the guide had to be universally easy to use.
– Ensure the delivery of the desired content in a quick and intuitive way, with clear navigation structures and defined content hierarchy.
– Maintain the strict ‘Look and Feel’ of both the Harry Potter Franchise, and Warner Brothers brands.
– Ensure consistency and quality across all consumer touch-points.
– The entire design process, for both UX and UI to be carefully scrutinised by the clients’ brand guardians, coordinating stakeholders across numerous time-zones with differing business objectives.


– LuzidLab’s Giles Pooley produced the interactive digital guide and designed its architecture (UX).
– The guide’s content was produced in nine languages and delivered on IOS & Android devices.
– An engaging, content-rich experience with a compelling narrative, with enough content for a three-hour visit
– The Harry Potter Studio Tour’ is one of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions, sold out months in advance, the guide is used by 60% of users, generating an important – – secondary revenue source for Warner Brothers.

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