Project Brief

Mike van der Noordt designed and animated the projections for the Diplopa Projections with Onion Lab.Diplopia is a stereoscopic piece that revolves around the concept of binocular vision, that is to say, how our eyes merge two separate images to perceive a single object. Two different points of view that arise as a consequence of binocular disparity.

Collective member: Mike van der Noordt
Role: Concept, Art Direction, Animation
Studio: Onionlabs
Client: Diplopia


In keeping with the main theme of the FIMG 2015—contradictions—, Diplopia focuses on opposing concepts, such as light and darkness, flexible versus rigid, near and far, noise and silence, wet and dry. The volumetric contrasts and illusion of depth create images intended to confuse, unsettle and fascinate the public.

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