Starting with the opening credits for the star program “El Día del Fútbol”, Luzidlab Artistic Director Mike also created bumpers, visual strands, the summary and adapted the logo to the different football programs.

Working the entire concept in 3D, he concentrated on opposing elements such as triumph and defeat, glory and failure or courage and struggle. Static images, moments of maximum intensity captured in time, act as spectacular dioramas of football scenes. His goal was to enable viewers to feel the tension, see the ball spinning into the goal and the cameras catching different angles, just like a real match.

Collective member: Mike van der Noordt
Studio: comodoscreen
Role: 3D design & animation
Agency: CANAL +
Year: 2013


Silver Promax Europe 2013 Award – Best Programme Branding Design

Bronze Laus Award 2013 – Audiovisuals

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