The team at the satellite broadcaster VIASAT were looking to launch ‘BOB’ a new online Social TV Discovery Platform for users to build and share playlists around their favourite TV shows and movies.

The BOB team approached Luzidlab to conceive and produce the entire marketing campaign and materials for the platform’s launch in August 2021. They wanted a concept that would cut through and reach the desired 20 – 35 demographic in a compelling, attractive and playful way that would illustrate the benefits of the platform’s personality.

The key to the campaign’s success for the Viasat team was to create a sense of fun whilst conveying features of the new service.

The online campaign was to consist of two video treatments in various length formats, as well as all the static display imagery and tex


Luzildab’ s artistic director Mike van der Noordt came up with a captivating concept that places us, the audience (potential users of the BOB platform) as the TV-loving public, overwhelmed by the staggering amount of choice now afforded to us through the numerous different TV services. The campaign highlights BOB as the key tool needed to enable us to take back control of our viewing habits. BOB the Social TV Discovery Platform enables its users to research, select, recommend and share the TV (and films) they love.

The vibrant campaign was built featuring colourful visuals, a mix of 2D and 3D animation, original music composition and a fun script – all written, produced and delivered by the Luzildab collective. These elements were combined to create an impactful series of films and visuals that extolled the virtues of the platform and its mission to empower its users to manage their viewing habits and subscriptions in one simple app.


Mike van der Noordt: Creative Director and Animator
Giles Pooley: Producer
David Robinson: Graphic Design:
Daniel Bougourd: Script
M@lo and The Magpie: Original music
Malo Adams: Voice


Jon Tobutt | Marketing, Information and Strategy Lead – BOB
Stefan Wojciechowski | VP Digital & Development at Viasat World Limited
Fiona Turner | Project Manager at Viasat World Limited


The captivating visuals from the films were enhanced with a series of six display ads, each one highlighting a specific benefit of the platform. The creative was delivered in both animated GIF and standard image formats for use across the Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram advertising networks.  The full complement of sizes required by the platforms was produced to ensure the ads could run across the widest range of available space. 


JOIN BOB campaign video –  2D & 3D animation (20, 12 & 6sec versions)
No More Algorithms campaign video –  2D & 3D animation (20, 12 & 6sec versions)
Display ad creative (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Display Network)

  • Join Bob
  • No Algorithms
  • Search
  • Share
  • Recommend
  • Discover


I wanted to write a note to say thanks for your work on bob – we think it’s a really good campaign and the imagination/concept/animation skills gives us a vibrancy that other companies in the TV aggregation space don’t have. We also appreciate being kept informed so regularly and being able to shape the work with you as a collaborative.

Stefan Wojciechowski | VP Digital & Development at Viasat World Limited

Many thanks for all your efforts on the project. I think we’ve got really excellent, eye-catching creative which I hope will really do a job getting numbers onto BOB!

Jon Tobutt | Marketing, Information and Strategy Lead

It’s been a pleasure working with you and your team. It feels great to be poised with a punchy promotional campaign.

Fiona Turner | Project Manager at Viasat World Limited


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