Project Brief

LUMA was proud to present Onionlab's stereoscopic 3d projection-mapped animation "Axioma" at LUMA 2017 in Binghamton, NY. The animation is an anaglyph based stereoscopic 3D mapping show. Two 2D images are composited per frame, which has the ability to cause a projected image to have the illusion of three-dimensional depth. Special anaglyph glasses were given to the public before the show started.

Collective member: Mike van der Noordt
Role: Art Direction, Animation
Studio: Onionlabs
Client: Ajuntament Barcelona (Llum festival)


Axioma is an interpretation of geometry as the branch of mathematics that deals with the study of the properties of geometrical figures: the point, lines, planes, curves, surfaces, polygons, etc. Offering an immersive audiovisual journey through the shapes and geometrical transformations; Axioma is a fascinating journey taking us through different stages of dimensionality: the zero dimension point, one-dimensional lines, two-dimensional planes, three-dimensional volumes and the N scale, infinitely complex geometrical forms.

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