Brief for project

Luzidlb co-founder David Robinson worked as part of the 2LK team to create an interactive experience at Cannes Lions for Activision Blizzard to celebrate the power of gaming. The project aim was to give the visitor the sensation of being ‘behind the screens’.

Collective member: David Robinson
Role: UI Designer, Design of large format graphics
Agency: 2LK
Year: 2019

The solution

David worked with 2LK to design interactive screens to bring to life the characters from Candy Crush Friends as part of the Activision installation.
He designed the wall graphics to produce a truly immersive experience for visitors.

CandyCrush device1
01. Interactive screen - Scroll left or right for other characters
CandyCrush device2
02. Interactive screen for Tiffi character
CandyCrush device2 text
03. Tiffi character selection shows info about character


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