Arnau Gallery

In collaboration with Street Art Barcelona, Luzidlab created the first version of Arnau Gallery application. An Augmented Reality Experience where the users are able to see the previous murals created for the Arnau Gallery wall at Parallel in Barcelona. The app enables users to travel back in time to view the works that have been created over the past three years.

Arnau Gallery project has been created with the support of Arnau Itinerant, a community platform made of neighbours and local associations which aims to promote the restoration of Arnau Theatre, an institution of the night life of Paralel area since 1894.

Luzidlab, Poblenou Urban District and Street Art Barcelona is now collecting imagery of other streetart made at other famous spots in Barcelona and beyond and asking street artists from around the world to join this unique project for conserving urban art for the future.

On the roadmap is creating a solid content management system for artists to upload their own artworks and attach them to walls selected by community members.

Another big upcoming feature will be the option to attach smart contracts to artworks, thus turning them into NFT’s

Download the app here, and drop us a line if you want your wall featured in the next edition. Ofcourse we like to get your feedback and would love to chat about how this platform can be used for other purposes.

Android version coming soon!