Museum and Cultural Solutions

We are veterans of the Museum and Heritage sector. Our founders have spent years designing and delivering interactive experiences and multimedia guides for global cultural institutions.

To deliver exceptional visitor experiences, Luzidlab has partnered with GURU Experience Co. to bring the GURU Platform, GURU Guide and Data Reporting solutions to our clients in Europe.

Museum and Cultural Solutions

Unlike others in the market, the GURU Platform serves to function as a one-stop-shop for all digital guide needs. It allows museums and cultural institutions to create, manage, and maintain their mobile guides. In addition to traditional tour content of audio, images, and text, the agile platform is continuously evolving through the addition of interactive and expanded applications such as AR, VR, way-finding, and games.

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With GURU as our technical partners, Luzidlab can provide our clients with a holistic suite of services. Solutions that enable the creation and management of tours, queuing, ticketing, events, and membership schemes, all powered by a single platform.

The combination of Luzidlab’s design and content production skills with Guru’s technology platform enables our clients to deliver unforgettable experiences and accomplish even more of their digital goals.


Through an exclusive partnership with GURU Experience Co., we are pleased to be able to offer the GURU Platform to European cultural institutions, for the first time. The GURU CMS is the only cloud-based CMS on the market built specifically for museums and cultural attractions.

The platform is equipped with everything needed to deliver scalable, digital visitor experiences that keep up with the audience’s ever-evolving needs. From traditional audio guides to multimedia applications, via seamless way-finding, games and augmented-reality features, the GURU does it all.

The CMS has been designed with a simple drag-and-drop interface. It is intuitive and easy to use for team members with differing levels of technical expertise.

Guru Guide Plus Website

The GURU CMS facilitates the creation of:

  • Multimedia mobile experiences with engaging content including audio, video, AR, VR, and more.
  • Interactive storytelling with features like scavenger hunts, games, selfie filters, along linear or random tour path
  • Accessible guides. Apps that maximise audience inclusivity, with multi-language capabilities and ADA compliance.
  • Scalable solutions that grow with you. The GURU CMS system is perfect for small-to-mid sized museums and large multi-site institutions alike. With its ever-evolving list of capabilities, the platform can do as much or as little as you need.

Data Reporting

The ability to constantly optimise your onsite experience is critical to ensure visitor satisfaction. With a suite of Data reporting features built into the platform the GURU platform enables you to do just that.

Through its client interface you’ll access a live and robust data dashboard displaying essential visitor information like heat maps, traffic patterns, content engagement rates, and location of app engagement. The suite of tools provide you with everything you need to keep your visitors happy.


Guru’s proprietary location-aware technology provides intuitive way-finding and conveniently delivers relevant content based on a visitor’s location. The platforms’ geo-location and geo-fencing functionalities automatically refreshes the guides content depending on where the user is.

If on-site, the digital guide can display the works around them, or lead them around the exhibition.

When off-site the guide acts as a content library allowing the user to continue engaging with your institution by exploring your collections and accessing the information they would like, wherever they are.

Interactive features 

The GURU platform has built-in capabilities to deliver a broad range of interactive features to enhance your visitor’s experience. Scavenger hunts, Augmented Reality, 360 videos and VR events are all possible as means to truly elevate their visit and immerse them within your story.

Ongoing Support

Luzidlab with the GURU platform are your partners; your success is our success and we have a formula that works. We’ve seen what happens when museums pour millions into one-time app creation: months later, the app’s content and technology are out-of-date. Our team maintains your app seamlessly so your team can rest easy.

As your exhibits and programs change, you have full access to our CMS that allows you to update your app’s content in real time—keeping your visitors engaged.

We provide continuous tech updates so that months and even years from now, your app will still be relevant and compatible with any OS changes that come out in the market.


Send us a note about your interests and we’ll get back to you ASAP