The LuzidLab Manifesto

A set of guiding principles that underpin all our activities

Luzidlab is a cooperative of creatives working to make the world more equitable and fair through creativity, human-centric technology, and a connection to the greater whole. From inception, our values are weaved deeply into the fabric of our existence. Without principles, we would cease to exist. They are as follows:

Our Workplace Values

  • Discrimination will not be tolerated on the grounds of race, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, faith, belief, pregnancy, maternity, marriage, or civil status. No racism of any kind, in any form, will be tolerated.
  • All genders are equal in respect, in representation, and in remuneration.
  • One’s gender is for them to decide and for the rest of us to respect.
  • A person’s sexuality does not define them or their actions, but it is something to be acknowledged and respected.
  • Bullying of any kind is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, including across digital spaces.
  • We are vulnerable and open-hearted towards one another. We strive for harmony in our relations and speak openly and respectfully about disagreements.
  • We recognise that conflict can be a healthy part of gaining clarification on important problems and issues as well as others’ perspectives. We handle constructive conflict with an open mind and nonviolent communication approach.
  • We lift people up when they are down and support mental well-being.
  • Curiosity is paramount. With the spirit of the beginner’s mind, we always ask “why”, and sometimes also ask “how”. Not knowing everything and asking others for their input demonstrates humility, receptivity and willingness to learn.
  • Work-life balance is paramount. We work to be able to live the lives we want to live. Work should always support the quality of life, and not be allowed to have a detrimental impact upon it.

What we stand for

  • The belief that creativity and imagination are powerful forces to bring people and societies together by promoting humanity, equality, diversity and resilience.
  • The power of unity. Our understanding of humanity is at once singular, a whole aligned in unison for the common good, for ourselves as a species, and for the environment.
  • Solidarity in human rights, explored and promoted through arts and culture.
  • The equal representation and mutual respect of all members of the communities we are a part of and those we work with.
  • Collaboration that promotes social architecture (the positive improvement of lives for all, equally - with a focus on giving visibility to those who are normally marginalised) to enable all voices and promote diversity and unity.
  • Increasing equal access for people of all physical and mental abilities. 
  • Solidarity with those aiming to reverse the direction of and detrimental effects that social media has caused to society. We stand for sustainable and humanitarian tech and disavow manipulation and exploitation of “users”, who are really people, for commercial gain. 

How we exist in this world

  • We employ the tools of design, communication, storytelling and interaction to create immersive and inclusive experiences.
  • We develop and create hybrid work that explores topics and themes around humanity. We build and foster new ideas and solutions to existing problems. We intentionally choose and create projects that drive equality and social justice.  
  • We include individuals and community stakeholders in our design process, working together towards the most inclusive outcome possible.
  • We follow the camp-site rule. Leave the world in a better state than you found it.
  • Collaboration is a fundamental pillar to our work, we actively seek to work with, learn from, and share knowledge with individuals of all ages and backgrounds.
  • We create progressive solutions using a collective approach, aiming to reduce the waste of resources and energy.
  • We are transparent and fair with our pricing and pay for the entire collective. 
  • Our intention is to be leaders of sustainable, minimal impact and ethical practice, including our work in the digital ecology.

The legacy we want to leave behind

  • LuzidLab, through its efforts, made work that brought people together.
  • We made a positive impact by helping communities to build resilience and solidarity through arts and culture and the solutions that we created. 
  • We delivered self-perpetuating legacies as a form of empowerment.
  • We created a unique and truly compassionate, inclusive collective and workplace where people learned from one another, held one another up, and stood behind the work with integrity and conviction. 
  • We forged lasting, trusting, inspiring relationships with our partners, our clients, our clients’ customers, and the industry at large.