LuzidLab brings the Guru Guide platform to Europe

By Giles Pooley

The LuzidLab founders have spent years working within the Museum and Heritage sector. We’ve designed and delivered interactive experiences and digital guides for cultural institutions across the globe. One of the key lessons we’ve learnt along the way is that any visitor experience can be enhanced or destroyed by the technology used to deliver it.

Today’s visitors expect everything to work seamlessly. Any impediment to that perfect experience will mean almost immediate abandonment, negative customer feedback and bad reviews. For staff managing a site, issues caused by complex or poorly functioning tools can generate enormous headaches, including lost time and revenue.

LuzidLab has partnered with the US firm Guru Experience Co, to ensure our ability to deliver exceptional cultural experiences, this partnerships enables us to bring their suite of technologies the Guru Platform, ‘Guru Guide and Data Reporting solutions to our clients in Europe for the first time.

Guru’s systems serve to function as a one-stop-shop for all an institution’s digital guide needs. The Guru CMS is a cloud-based CMS built specifically for museums and cultural attractions. It is equipped with everything needed to deliver scalable, digital visitor experiences that keep up with the audience’s ever-evolving requirements. From traditional audio guides to multimedia applications, via seamless way-finding, games augmented and virtual reality features.

With Guru as our technical partner, LuzidLab can offer our clients a holistic suite of additional services. Solutions that enable the creation and management of digital tours, timed queuing,  online ticketing, event management, membership schemes, and more.  All powered by the single platform.

The agile suite of technologies can be scaled up or down based on a site’s needs and resources, with packages available for venues and budgets of all sizes.

The combination of Luzidlab’s design and content production skills with Guru’s technology platform will enable our clients to deliver unforgettable experiences and accomplish even more of their digital goals.

To find out more about the GURU suite please get in touch and we will happily talk you through it.