Inside the Lab: the power of the collective

Paula Moore (she/her)

Collective Member / Arts & Culture, Mindfulness & Wellbeing Innovator

What skills and speciality do you bring to LuzidLab?

Collaboration and innovation, pro community empowerment and social architecture with clear community purpose.

What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Art! Diversity across the arts, past and present. I love how courage and curiosity is developed through the arts, hence my new podcast series Can Art Save Us? It’s the important role of expression and exploration that the arts give us through vital space be it architecture, between dance steps, in the mind…

What drives you? How do you harness that?

Stories of survival against all the odds, of creating positive change despite barriers especially deep discrimination. No velvet alice band and cushions growing up; if you want to make something happen, make it happen, nobody is going to do it for you.

When you need to be creative and think up solutions, how do you do it?

Some of it is lovely unexplained alchemy. A lot of it is practicing innovation techniques for testing and developing that ‘alchemy.’ The core of it is being people, policy, community, methodology aware with the grip of it is being brave enough to go against the grain when you know it’s right.

What are the rituals or routines that are part of your process?

Rituals – the sea, mountains, arts & culture, mindful spaces.

Routines – testing, ask every question, embrace every flaw to inspire a better response, test it again, let ambition and mission be present to find how to get there and profile – don’t lose sight of who this process is for and make sure they are part of it with voice and influence.


Check out Paula’s new podcast featuring conversations about curiosity and courage with award winning and diverse artists. The series is academically linked to research to understand how the qualities of curiosity and courage can feed into wellbeing, education and innovation practice.