Inside the Lab: the power of the collective

Malo Adams (he/him)

Collective Member / Musician Extraordinaire

What skills and speciality do you bring to LuzidLab?

Composer, Producer, Instrumentalist and Vocalist.

My creative partner is Eve Horne have produced work together for LuzidLab. Our company is called M@LO & THE MAGPIE.


What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration for your work?

The creative process itself. Bringing what’s in my head and heart to life inspires me.

What drives you? How do you harness that?

The finish line. The closer I get to completion, the more focused I become.

When you need to be creative and think up solutions, how do you do it?

I leave it alone for a while. If I step away for a bit I usually can see the project a lot more clearly.

What are the rituals or routines that are part of your process?

I watch old movies I love. I feel like when I see a masterpiece, it makes me feel like I can do something special too.