Inside the Lab: the power of the collective

Giles Pooley - CEO of LuzidLab

Giles Pooley (he/him)

CEO and Co-Founder

What skill(s) and speciality do you bring to LuzidLab?
I am a multimedia producer, with some digital design skills.

What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration for your work?
I am inspired by creativity in all its forms, from fine-arts to TV reality competitions like ‘Next in Fashion’. The ability the human has to take in stimuli and turn it into something beautiful or meaningful is a gift, and one that constantly leaves me striving to do more. This is especially true when two different creative principles are brought together to create something new. Immersive experiences, those with a narrative are currently what I am drawn to the most as they really are the creative field where storytelling, design, production and technology are converging.

What drives you? How do you harness that?
I am driven by the need to solve problems. I am extremely curious and have an overactive mind, one I need to keep busy for my own good. So I love to learn new things, see shows and exhibits (when we can) and gather as much visual stimuli as possible. I keep these in mind but, as I am not a natural artist, my application of these stimuli is when I try to find resolutions to problems.

When you need to be creative and think up solutions, how do you do it?
I don’t have one specific process, I tend to think quickly and can brainstorm ideas easily. But over the years I have found that my clearest ideas and or  most effective solutions tend to come to me, in the early hours of the morning. Specifically whilst I am snoozing, just before I wake up properly.  It seems that whilst I am in that state of semi-consciousness my mind does the work of putting the pieces together to come up with the answers. I have no idea why this happens, or how,  but it really works for me and has had some incredible results. So, I am hugely grateful for this ability, and I am a massive advocate for the notion of ‘sleeping on it’.

What are the rituals or routines that are part of your process?
I am rubbish at routines or rituals. I try to meditate, which I love, but I have never been truly effective at sustaining a meditation routine.  However, I have found that unless my work space is tidy, I can’t focus and will distract myself with little tasks. So, before I sit down to work, I try to ensure I have everything tidy around me. So I can zone in on my to-do list.

When you need to be creative and think up solutions how do you do it?
I look at a very wide variety of inspiration sources, engross myself in the process of researching and then I sleep on it. Usually in the morning I’m ready to start creating.