Inside the Lab: the power of the collective

Alejandro Garay (he/him)

Head of Spain and Latin America (he/him)

What skill(s) and speciality do you bring to LuzidLab?
The Ability to synthesise, empathy and good listening skills.

What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration for your work?
Inspiration may come from where you least expect: it could be a movie, the book you are reading, a ride, a conversation, even a dream.

What drives you? How do you harness that?
The emotions and the capacity to thrill!

When you need to be creative and think up solutions, how do you do it?
pay attention to everything around me, watch and listen very carefully, and read or review information related to the issue at hand.

What are the rituals or routines that are part of your process?
It is a two-way street: intuition and intellect. I pay attention to what my senses tell me, but I also reflect before putting together elements that may be disparate but that together manage to create something new.