Experiential Design refers to the harnessing of sound, lighting and stage design to engender human interaction and elicit emotional responses within a created environment. This field provides the opportunity to combine layers of visual, tactile or sensory interaction with storytelling techniques to construct new worlds.

Our broad expertise in experiential design gained through interaction, installation and spatial design gives us an edge when it comes to constructing immersive experiences around your story.

With new technologies like spatial audio, visual projection methods or sensors (both physical and geographical), this field is constantly evolving, and we are growing with it.

Whether you want to design an exhibition, a site-specific installation, or an educational experience, get in touch and let’s collaborate.


We create augmented reality experiences using the latest platforms available. Whether based on image recognition, 3D representations of large scale environments, or fully persistent AR, we can bring it to life.

Augmented Reality presents us with a new paradigm of design and storytelling. Since we have played with this technology since the early 2000s, we are ready to apply our experience and know-how to this growing realm of digital storytelling.


We love creating Virtual Reality products, whilst the technology experienced a few “false starts” over the years. The hardware wasn’t ready for broad audiences, and it took a while for the world to understand the VR possibilities that go beyond the gaming industry.

The hardware is now potent enough to offer high-quality events without the need for high-end PC’s and cables and all within realistic budgets. Also, web-based Virtual Reality is now ready for production-standard experiences, making delivery of great VR possible to audiences wherever they are, as long as they can get online.

VR’s challenges, strengths and weaknesses have been clearly defined, and new paradigms of storytelling have reached maturity (in this corner of immersive design). These elements have all finally aligned to enable Virtual Reality to live up to the many expectations made of it.

Members of the collective have been creating innovative VR experiences as the technology has been evolving.  They have built award-winning dramas, music videos, games and interactive experiences on the platforms.  Let us do so for you.


Interaction Design is the field that looks at and creates new ways for humans to interact with technology. This includes touch, voice and gesture inputs.

For us, Interaction design extends beyond the realm of mobile and web interfaces. It also includes sensory systems like full-body movement capture, hand gesture recognition, and even temperature or moisture detection. With the increasing ability to throw in machine learning and AI, we now have more control and an ever-expanding suite of tools that give us the ability to rethink how we interact with technology.

Whatever there is a need for technology and human interaction, we can design how that should achieve the best outcome for you.


Art is our world. We have been producing interactive installations and spatial design for galleries, exhibitions and cultural institutions for years.
For an experience to be genuinely site-specific, we immerse ourselves in the local history, architecture and social context. Documenting and mapping these variables are quintessential to bringing together the site and story to create the experience.
We collaborate with architects, concept artists and designers, both interior and theatrical, to produce the ideal installations for the broadest variety of spaces.


Send us a note about your interests and we’ll get back to you ASAP