Content Production

Our founders have spent years designing and delivering interactive experiences and multimedia guides for cultural institutions and broadcasters around the globe. We design and produce both the content and the multimedia elements which can be simple or fully interactive. Our outputs include animation, audio, video, games, and more.

Our award-winning creative team is always exploring new forms of visitor engagement, keeping your multimedia offering innovative, fresh and competitive. Luzidlab offers complete guided tour solutions tailored to the individual needs of each client.

From innovations like AR, VR and 3D audio, to video, audio and games, our solutions provide a range of options. Whether you’re a museum, exhibition, cultural site, factory, travel organisation, educational institution or commercial venture, we can help turn your tour into a memorable visitor experience.

Content strategy

Knowing what story to tell and how to tell it is as important as the story itself. Crucial to the creation of a successful content strategy is a keen focus on its intended audience.

We identify who your public are, understand their behaviours, the content they are looking for and why. We then employ the best narrative techniques to reach them in engaging and entertaining ways.


We write scripts that place your audiences at the heart of your story. They range from the retelling of factual events supported by archive and in-person interviews — to fictitious dramatic narratives brought to life theatrically.

As award-winning storytellers, we have years of experience in crafting emotive and captivating tales for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. We have done so for broadcasters and cultural institutions around the globe.

Example productions

  • Audio Tours
  • Multimedia Guides
  • Script Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Recorded interviews and oral histories