Audio production and composition

There’s no better way to trigger moments of wonder, laughter and resonance than with an extraordinary piece of audio. From music to sound design, audio has a singular capacity to transport a person into a completely different world.

Our Collective includes experts from the world of audio production and composition. Their work spans game sound design, feature-film scores, recorded interviews, radio plays and live performances. One Luzidlabber even played bass with Prince!

Whatever the need, there is someone in our community who will ensure your audio strikes the right chord.

From creating extensive archival audio content to guided audio tours, audio production of original sounds, interviews or podcasts. Luzidlab has the capability to immerse your visitors in the experience like never before.

LuzidLab's audio services include:Sound designVoice over recording & mixingAudio productionAudio mixingScore composition3d/binaural audio