Luzidlab teams up with Street Art Barcelona to create an AR app for the Arnau Gallery

In collaboration with Street Art Barcelona, LuzidLab created the first version of the Arnau Gallery app. An Augmented Reality Experience that enables its users to travel through the history of the Urban Art Venue and see the previous murals created for the Arnau Gallery wall on Avenida Parallel in Barcelona, Spain.

Street artists were some of the first to adopt Augmented Reality as a medium. But this project provides the unique ability to travel through time, thus creating a platform that records the works created for this specific site keeping its Street Art heritage alive.

Users can align a digital wall to the physical wall and start scrolling through the murals created for the site in chronological order. Supporting information about the works and links to the artists’ portfolios are also included to facilitate further discovery about the people behind the art. If not at the site in Barcelona users are able to teleport the famous Arnau Gallery onto a wall local to them.

The app features beautiful colour photos taken by photographers who have documented the creation of these artworks. These photographers have an equal part to play in the documenting of this history as active archivers of this site and time specific art form.

The Arnau Gallery, an open air art venue in Barcelona

Arnau Gallery project has been created with the support of Arnau Itinerant, a community platform made of neighbours and local associations which aims to promote the restoration of Arnau Theatre, an institution of the night life of the Parallel area since 1894.

Antoine Careil curates this project. Every 2 months he brings together renowned street artists from around the world to create a new, site-specific mural. Initially featuring work by solo artists, now Antoine brings together duos, resulting in singular pieces by MORCKY & CHAZ, SLOMO & TWEEMUIZEN, OREO & EKOSAURIO just to name a few. This unique approach creates highly awarding synergies between great names in street art.

The Arnau Gallery app is the beginning of a worldwide movement to archive and preserve urban art around the globe. Street Art Barcelona is eager to get in touch with similar initiatives in order to grow this platform into the most comprehensible Street Art Archive in existence. The app will also feature temporary projects created for art festivals or other street art related events.

New artworks will be added every 3 months and the archive is being regularly updated, including content refreshes when good quality photographs of older pieces become available.

Luzidlab, Poblenou Urban District and Street Art Barcelona are now collecting imagery of other street art made for other famous spots in Barcelona and beyond. We are asking street artists from around the world to join this unique project built around the goal of conserving urban art for the future.

Part of the mural by Oreo & Ekosaurio with the app's timeline
Mural created by Joan Tarrago and Daniela Caravalho placed through AR on user's wall

On LuzidLab’s future development roadmap for the platform and mobile app, is the creation of a solid content management system that will enable artists and curators to upload their own artworks and attach them to walls selected by community members. Another major feature to be included will be the ability to attach smart contracts to artworks, thus turning them into NFT’s.

The Arnau Gallery app is available to download now, for free at this link.

If you are an artist or indeed a Street Art Organisation, get in touch if you  want your wall featured in the next version.

Ofcourse we like to get your feedback and would love to chat about how this platform can be used for other purposes.

Android version coming soon!